What Makes A Perfect Summer? We Have The Answers!

Posted by Darzell Brown on 12-Jun-2019 16:18:34

Naturally, as an English language school, we take great care to ensure our students have the tools and resources to take great strides towards reaching their individual aims. When it comes to our summer centres we really take this attention to detail to heart, and what with summer 2019 being upon us, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about all the ingredients that go into the perfect summer!

For starters, let’s talk English classes; our wonderful professional teachers employ a creative and engaging curriculum with over 300 lessons to enrich our students academically, helping them improve their language skills in comfortable and summer 1supportive learning environment.

Taking these lessons, are over 6,000 students from all over the world! To make sure we can offer the best experience possible we have over 250 staff at the ready to teach and support our students!

What’s more, we’ve made sure that our staff comes fitted in the choicest Stafford House gear, over the last few months we’ve printed 1,500 t-shirts for the team as well as over 10,000 lanyards in 8 different colourways and over 250 different varieties of poster! We’ll be looking sharp indeed!

After a long day of study and activities, our student’s batteries will definitely need recharging. At around one hundred thousand nights booked in our carefully chosen lodgings, hassle-free, comfortable housing is guaranteed for all our students! That’s a lot of laundry!

But we won’t just be staying in our centres – although they are a beautiful mix of universities, colleges, and some of the Summer 2most renowned boarding schools in England – we will be heading out and about with all our students! This includes cultural trips to historic destinations but also time to mix and mingle. This summer, some of our planned activities include 28 different river cruises and over 200 excursions. And many a tail feather will shake as we’ve got 260 discos and Chango workshops in the works! As for getting about — we’ve got that covered: 460 coaches are booked for our many excursions and nearly 5,000 travel cards and bus passes are at the ready!

Phew –that’s an awful lot of planning and organising! We have just opened the door to our first centre of the season in Canterbury, and we can’t wait to throw open the doors of the next few – there are 18 in all!

Are you interested in enrolling your child joining us to learn English over the summer in the UK, USA or Canada? Click here to take the next step!

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