The Best British Slang for Students

Posted by Millie Desanges on 04-Oct-2017 13:30:00

Below is a list of 10 words and phrases used by British people in every day scenarios that are perfect for students. These casual slang words will help new students, learning English in the UK, fit in both inside and outside the classroom. As you improve your English, don't forget to add in your new slang words when you are talking to your new friends and teachers at school. 

If you memorise at least one of these a week (or more if you’re up for a challenge) and use them actively in conversation you’re sure to fit in with the local British people and make new friends outside of Stafford House.  Using or even discussing them with your fellow English students is a good conversation starter. Maybe you can even teach some friends a few of these words or phrases too.

1. Dodgy

Dodgy means: suspicious, doesn’t seem legitimate or right. An example: Something about this food tastes dodgy… I don’t think I’m going to eat any more of it. 

2. Wicked

Wicked means: cool, really fun, nice. Example: I love that new band, they’re wicked.

3. Tenner/Fiver 

What it means: £5/£10. Example: Can you lend me a fiver for lunch? It's a short nickname for five or ten pounds sterling the British currency. 

4. Loo

What it means: toilet or WC. Example: I’m just going to use the loo. This is really helpful slang for finding a bathroom in a new city while you are traveling.

5. Knackered

What it means: tired, exhausted, no energy. Example: After studying for my exams all night Im knackered.

6. Gutted

What it means: disappointed, sad, upset. Example: I was gutted that there was no chocolate cake for desert.

7. Skive

What it means: to avoid doing something, not going to something, missing something on purpose. Example: When I was a teenager I used to skive homework. Now that I am studying English at Stafford House I never skive going to school. 

8. Fluke

What it means: lucky, happens by chance, not planned, a surprise. Example: I bumped into my friend from home the other day in London, what a complete fluke.

9. Jammy

What it means: lucky or fortunate. Example: I can’t believe Luke won the lottery, he is so jammy!

10. Fortnight

What it means: a period of two weeks. Example: I’m going on holiday, I’ll see you in a fortnight.

Can you think of more British slang words we should have included? Let us know!


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