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International Friends:

Stafford House is an international school because there are a lot of people who came from different countries. On the first day you have the possibility to know people starting with you and you can visit Cambridge sites together during the weekend. making friends with foreign people can teach you more things about their culture. You can practice your English every day. Maybe you can visit your friend's countries and they can be your tour guide! making international friends makes you realize that we are all human beings, we can pretty much all agree on this one thing.

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When we begin the class, we have preparation games to activate our brains, such as kahoot. Every Monday, there is a test waiting for you. The class goes from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. We have a 20-minute break and can hour to have lunch. In class, you will have fun like never before! You will think it is not just English study, but also a group where you belong. Also, you will experience different teaching styles. Furthermore, our class is more team-oriented. So , don't go on the course alone. The important things to note here is your attendance, homework and to study! This experience will be an unforgettable moment in your life. Moreover, if you are single, maybe you will me the right one in here!

Cambridge students

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At Stafford House Cambridge there are teachers of different nationalities and you can learn about their cultures and a lot of different accents.They make a lot of activities to make the class fun, when a new student arrives to the class on Monday they make activities to introduce each other and make the class relax. They can teach and advise us about the new things and activities to do in Cambridge or nearby. When you don't understand the lesson, you can ask them every time and they will explain to you clearly.

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Social Activities:

In Stafford House, there are social activities every day. in on day it has many activities you can choose from. Some things are free but some things you need to pay for. For example, the local tour and study club are every week and are free. The sport and museums are free too but you should visit the reception desk or the website to know what the activities that day are.


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