In Their Own Words: A Week In London

Posted by Zuzana's Intermediate Class on 20-Jun-2018 16:06:20


Zuzana's Intermediate class takes us through a week in the life studying at our London school. Take a look below! 



It is Monday!!!!

I think summer is coming because the weather is better than last week. Every Monday new students start their class and it is an opportunity to make some friends.

Today we are learning about ability and personality. Do you think that you are a sensible or a sensitive person??

Join us in our class and you can learn about the differences between these and other words. Come on and don’t be late!!!!! 

The week has just begun!!!!!


Today is Tuesday, the happiest day of the week!

Everybody is excited because it is the pub night day. We came to school thinking about the end of the class but we need to learn more about personality adjectives.

Learning it we will be able to talk about interesting things and keep people interested in our conversation. You will show that you are not an introverted person; or if you are one, you can hide it and practise your English :)

We are going to the park to sit on the grass and play a game. This game involves describing a word to your partner and they have to guess the word. This game isn’t easy but it’s very funny and very good to improve your English.

Now, the class is over and we are going to finish this game at the pub, drinking a pint of course!


It’s Wednesday - the middle of the week! It is a very hot day in London and in the classroom too! The lesson is about adverbs and adverbial phrases, including false friends like actually and eventually. These are false friends for many of us - Brazilians.

A good example is the word “actually”.

Actually - this word is an adverb that means “in fact” and it is very confusing for Brazilian students, because in Portuguese the similar word “atualmente” means “at the moment”.

Another confusing thing is that sometimes there are two words in English that have only one word in Portuguese, like “specially” and “especially”, but in Portuguese we have only one word “especialmente”.

Specially – means in a special way or for a particular purpose.

Example: My wedding dress was specially made for me by a dressmaker.

Especially - means particularly.

Example: I like everything in London, especially the prices in Primark! ; )


On Thursday we learn about illnesses, symptoms and treatment. We talk about the most common illnesses like cold, flu, headache and their treatment like taking painkillers or other drugs or having an injection. Also, we learn about examinations such as X-ray, ultrasound scan and other ways to treat diseases, such as just staying at home and rest.

We learnt about allergy, rash, burn and food poisoning. We do a quiz about the first aid procedure when someone has an accident or is choking or has a burn.


Today is Friday. Every Friday is more relaxed than other days. Actually every student is very tired because it is the last day of the week but tomorrow and Sunday is the weekend.

Friday is a special day, every Friday we have a ceremony at 3:15 pm to say goodbye to some friends who are leaving us. At the same time it is a very emotional day.

At the end of the week, we revise grammar and vocabulary we have learnt this week. This is very useful for us.

Today is different from other Fridays because summer is coming. When people finish work or school of course they go to the pub or park or clubJ to enjoy this sunny day….

We would like to thank Zuzana and her fun group for giving us a glimpse into their world!

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