IELTS Study Tips from Current London Students

Posted by Claire Muirhead on 26-Jan-2018 12:00:00

This week, Claire’s IELTS class in London have been busy preparing some tips for any student who is currently or planning to study for the IELTS exam. Check out these study tips from fellow English students!

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Claire's IELTS class at Stafford House London


Carolina (Ecuador), Angel (Taiwan) and Kwang Guk (Korea)

After a long and exhausting day of IELTS lessons, you can still do something that is both academic and relaxing by watching an interesting film in English. You can put the subtitles on so you can read at the same time – you’ll learn some good new vocabulary this way!

Min Min (Taiwan) and Manon (France)

  • Work hard at the right time and learn as much as you can.
  • Time yourself when you are doing IELTS exam exercises. Practise more on your weakest part - you have to understand your mistakes.
  • You have to relax sometimes – don’t be too hard on yourself!

Vivi (China), Samanta (Ecuador) and Muslim (Russia)

Firstly, studying in an English speaking country is better than studying in your own country, because you can use the language environment.

Also, we would highly recommend reading more books, because it will help you improve your reading skills, of course, as well as writing skills, vocabulary and grammar.

Jon (Poland), Fe (Thailand) and Soo(Korea)

  • Study every day! Don’t be lazy, and repeat and repeat – this is so you don’t forget the words and lose your ability.
  • Read simple books that have a lot of new words, and check the grammar.

Rafael (Brazil) and Tiffany (Taiwan)

In order to improve your English for IELTS, you must review what you have learned in class and learn from mistakes. A good reading tip is to read a newspaper, which you can pick up at the station every day, or find a novel that you’re interested in.

Finally, you can ask your IELTS teacher for tips as well!

What did you think of their tips? Have any ideas for your fellow students? Share them in the comments!

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