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Stafford House Blog

Report: Business Start-Up Concepts

Posted by Aigul, Student Reporter on 23-Apr-2019 19:24:51

Business start-ups are a contemporary progress engine

The first international meeting of business start-up groups, held on 21st March in San Diego, was a smash-hit among participants and investors with big pockets.

The meeting was organized by Stafford House International, an educational organization that helps their students to develop their creative thinking and realize their innovative projects.

At the meeting, young people had the opportunity to both present their ideas and immediately discuss them with possible investors.

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New ideas were heard here and there and presenters amazed the audience with their audacity and uniqueness. Moreover, young people captured the attention of attendees with their original presentations and hip speaking.

Start-up groups definitely showed off and demonstrated their innovativeness, purposefulness and desire to be successful. As a result, a number of major investors expressed significant interest in projects and even invited some start-up teams to cooperate.

Thus, the project called “Kao Yao”, a word from Taiwanese slang, which means “hungry and angry”, intends to design an app, through which people can order food and do not spend their time on delivery. The basic concept of the app is based on communication and sociability, which help people to get food due to support from their colleagues or schoolmates, who as well made an order from the same place and received a discount for delivery.

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Four young people from Taiwan stated this project would not only make life easier for its customers, but as well would allow people to extend their network, be more sociable and get new friends.

Another project, named “Resenha”, is a joint project, produced by three students from Brazil and Columbia, who decided to open a Brazilian entertainment sports bar in San Diego. The project has a concise and expressive motto: “Drinks. Food. Sport” and focuses on the lack of football sports bars in the city.

Striving to promote Brazilian food and culture, the start-up group proposed a bunch of ideas about how to make a sports bar environment attractive both for Brazilians and all the San Diego visitors and citizens. They promised that all their guests will feel like they’re at home in the bar.



One more Brazilian start-up team intends to compete with giants of electric cars producers – Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, deciding to launch their own electric buses named “Buzzed”. Furthermore, two young people announced that they would merge into the auto industry market within three years, producing electric driverless buses whose price would be much less than that of their rivals.

They assured this would be possible due to use of eco-friendly fuel and a more optimized construction of the vehicle.

Undoubtedly, all these projects, may seem to be too ambitious, and of course, would require further development and improvement.

However, the more you are introduced to all these business start-ups, the more you realize that these guys, who created them, are the foundation of our future.

Due to such enthusiastic, risky and innovative young people, our humanity does not stand still and will face any new and new discoveries.

Aigul is a Proficient level student studying Journalism and Media literacy. She attended the Professional Certificate Business Management presentations on their business plans and chose to share her experience.

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